Saturday, December 29, 2012


This week I published a selection of my poems in an illustrated edition and can be bought at on the following address:
The first poem is from 1975, the last from 2012 and are all published before on my blog page. Some of them won prizes; like the “Keerberg Poezieprijs” ( Belgium ), “Antwerpen 2000” ( Belgium) and the “Black Bird” ( Milwaukee US)
All poems are original in Dutch and translated into English by myself. The illustrations are the originals, especially and digital developed for these poems while I still lived in Spain , between 2006 and 2011
I hope you can appreciate this. I made the book because a lot of people asked me to and the prize is the lowest I could agree with It is a full color edition and carefully selected, why it was a lot of work putting the bundle together as I wanted it to become: a work of art as is!
Vriendelijke groeten

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